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I consider myself a maker. To me this term encompases the work of design, woodworking, fabrication, interior design and construction, product development, craft, sculpting, material research, building, etc... Any effort that goes into creating or modifying the built environment we inhabit.


My practice is driven by a passion for discovering contemporary forms for traditional objects that reinforce and encourage the social progress we have made in the current millennium.

I believe that the built environments that we inhabit have the most profound emotional impact on our identities and the way that we conceive of the world we live in. 

   i.e. The boundaries of our (perceived) reality and capabilities are insinuated by the codes that our constructed environments deliver to us. 

I am most interested in creating objects for the proletariat that are beautiful and useful while reflecting the values and realities of modern living.

I believe this pursuit is enhanced and supported by also creating less accessible art pieces that engage with and challenge the concepts at the core of pedestrian objects.

I am proudly a second generation woodworker, and my identity as such and love for hand-craft drives my work as well.

This drive conspires with a deeply held belief that the human hand is the most valuable tool for creation, and the visible traces it leaves imbue objects with a liveliness and spirit that is invaluable to the built environment we occupy.

I group all of these goals and beliefs under the umbrella heading: Human Centric Design.