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Studio Shmudio


Forrest Hudes


Forrest Hudes is a second generation Jewish-American woodworker, designer, and artist. After receiving a BA in Theater and Dance from Amherst College his creative practice morphed to focus on functional object and spatial design. Forrest has made objects for homes, offices, retail and restaurant interiors, scenic environments, and residential architectural projects in New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit.


My practice is driven by a passion for discovering contemporary forms for traditional objects that reinforce and encourage social progress.

I believe that the built environments that we inhabit have the most profound emotional impact on our identities and the way that we conceive of the world we live in. 

(i.e. The boundaries of our perceived reality and capabilities therein are insinuated by the coded information that our constructed environments deliver to us. )

The intention of my work is to grapple with these questions in the forms of everyday objects:

How can an object (read: lamp, table, stool, desk…) be queer (and encourage queerness) - accepting that inanimate objects do not and cannot possess sexuality or gender?

How can an object reject patriarchy, toxic masculinity, and heteronormativity?

How can an object embody emotionality over rationalism?

How can an inanimate object encourage new possibilities of emotional behavior?


How can all of these questions be answered honestly without relying on gimmick or aesthetic sarcasm?


I believe the exploration of these questions in design ethics and object semiology are crucial to the most vivid subliminal progressive work of our society. 


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